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Binyamin Netanyahu, the leader of the free world

4 Mar 2015


Guy Millière - I wrote here that the speech by Binyamin Netanyahu in Congress would be the most important speech since the Second World War. The speech was delivered. It was what I expected.
Binyamin Netanyahu has not a single second damaged the friendship and alliance between the United States and Israel. Quite the contrary. He addressed, through Congress, the American people, values, that have continued to embody the United States of America since birth. He showed masterfully why the US and Israel were bound by much more than friendship and alliance.
Netanyahu held the chief place of the free world into a terrible moment when there is no leader of the free world in the White House
He defended Israel's security and Israel's right to exist sovereign, but he also defended the safety of the world, and has, obviously, not just talked about Israel, but of all those who are threatened by radical Islam, and that includes the Sunni Arab countries the status quo. This also includes the United States of America, and held a speech US President worthy of the name should have taken. He served as leader of the free world up into a terrible moment when there is no leader of the free world in the White House.
He made an absolutely masterful demonstration of the dangers embodied by Iran, remembering what I called here several times that Iran now governs four Arab capitals and does not intend to stop there, any alliance with Iran against the Islamic State would be a suicidal alliance ("the enemy of my enemy is an enemy," he has said), that the Iranian regime is a regime genocidal goals and that any hint of s hear him in these circumstances open the door to a global disaster.
He showed that the agreement that the Obama administration was preparing a disastrous agreement to surrender paces (he did not use the word, but it was clear that the word was underlying).
He refuted final speech of those who say that the alternative to a bad agreement is war and said at once that could, hypothetically, a good agreement, and that it was Iran that was applicant and potentially desperate.
He gave a lesson in geopolitics, diplomacy and strategy.
Obama did not hide his anger, which shows that the discourse of Binyamin Netanyahu did fly: but we have seen live by counting the moments of standing applause from all members of Congress present.
Obama may be even more furious than ninety percent of the members of Congress were there, and only fifty representatives and senators had decided to leave. This shows that Congress weighs the anti-Israeli policies of Obama.
Democrats who were absent and said they had not heard the speech have not less spit their venom. This makes sense: they lost the game.
European commentators generally modeled their feedback on the absent Democrats and the Obama fury. That makes sense again. They are today's Europe.
Opponents Netanyahu in Israel showed they were small, very small, myopic and cowardly. One of them, not fearing ridicule, dared to say that he could deliver the speech Netanyahu, but with him, Obama would have attended the speech. Course: and that is why the hens have teeth and that the circles are square.
Obama and his European accomplices are still going to try to make a deal with Iran. But their task will be infinitely more difficult. Congress will ask to have its say: and that was the goal. The American people will be more interested in the record, and that was the goal too.
Israeli voters will vote on 17 March.
If I were Israeli voter, I would ask that, apart from Binyamin Netanyahu could have the stature, strategic intelligence, charisma Binyamin Netanyahu.
I would wonder who could also masterfully defend my country, and do it with as much force and conviction.
I would have no difficulty in answering the question. I wrote that I thought Binyamin Netanyahu is a great man. I have no need to repeat.
I would add that Binyamin Netanyahu took time in his speech that Israel must stand alone, Israel will stand alone.
I will also add that in addressing Elie Wiesel (Wiesel was there, Obama and his vice president were elsewhere; what a symbol!), Binyamin Netanyahu has given meaning to the words: Never that.
Whatever happens, Binyamin Netanyahu wrote his name in the history books of the pages. In capital letters.
© Guy Millière for Dreuz.info .



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