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MPs, medical experts stub out bid to legalise dagga

28 May 2015

MEMBERS of parliament and medical researchers have rejected a bill calling for the legalisation of dagga for commercial and medicinal use, with some warning against the “hazardous” effect of the drug on families and communities.

MPs, legal experts and clinical specialists from the Medical Research Council yesterday discussed the Medical Innovation Bill, initially introduced as a private member’s bill by IFP MP Mario Ambrosini before he died of lung cancer. He was using medicinal marijuana before he took his own life after suffering stage four lung cancer for more than a year.


ANC MP Nonhlanhla Ndaba was dismissive of the proposed legislation yesterday.


“I believe that dagga cannot cure cancer. I think I agree in terms of pain management … Obviously, so does any substance that … you use, which makes you feel drunk so you can’t feel pain. The experience I have of people smoking dagga makes me believe there isn’t any stage at which I will agree that we can legislate such a bill.”


Professor Charles Parry, director of MRC drug research, said the council did not support the bill in its current form.



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