Writers' Guidelines

If you wish to submit articles to JOY! for publication, it is imperative that you know the magazine, our vision and our values. A casual examination of the magazine will not be sufficient. Please note that you need to be a subscriber to be considered for publication.

You must study the magazine and analyse the articles to discover the elements we typically use.

You should avoid sending teaching articles, interviews, sermons, poetry or fiction. We are, however, always looking for miracle and healing testimonies. These testimonies must be thoroughly researched and well-told. Healings must also be medically documented. All submissions should be your own written work, and if not, they should be correctly referenced.

We also require stories on different Christian personalities who are living effective Christian lives. We welcome news stories; however facts and quotes must be accurate and be able to be verified. JOY! maintains the right to edit or adjust any article, space/content dependent. All articles published in JOY! are copyrighted to us and may not be reproduced without our consent. Nor may the author republish the same story in another magazine without permission from JOY! All articles featured in JOY! may be reprinted and translated in our Afrikaans title. We reserve the right to do so without prior consent from the author (in the event that we cannot get hold of them).

All submissions must be made via email to info@joymag.co.za Payment is not guaranteed. We pay for stories only under certain conditions. YOU MUST BE A SUBSCRIBER TO HAVE YOUR STORY PUBLISHED.

Contributors' Style Guide

1 page = 400 words
1 1/2 pages = 500 words
2 pages = 650 words

Arial 12pt

* Do not BOLD, ITALICISE (except in the case of Scripture References) or UNDERLINE text.
* Full stops and colons should be followed by SINGLE spaces, not double spaces.

We use UK English only.

Please italicise all scripture verses.

In normal text, personal pronouns such as He, Him, Himself, You, etc. are capped when they refer to the God of the Bible, i.e. to the Holy Trinity or one of the Persons of the Holy Trinity.

'Name' and 'Word' are also capped when they refer to God's Name and God's Word. It also applies when they follow the possessive pronoun, e.g. 'Your Name' and 'His Word'. Other words such as kingdom, creation, sovereignty, etc., are not capped.

'Church' is capped only when referring to the greater Church of Christ as a whole. Otherwise, church is not capped.

Numbers from one to ten are written in full. From eleven upwards, numbers are written in numerals, unless a number refers to a broad term - e.g. "... a thousand years..." "... a million angels..."

When numbers below and above ten appear in close proximity to each other, they should preferably be written in numerals - e.g. "... between the ages of 8 and 12..."

Articles should be emailed to: Info@joymag.co.za in MS Word format.